EColorEColor is a tool for instant determination of the pixel color on a computer screen. This utility is on standby in the system tray until the mouse click event in conjunction with the programmed combination of keys on the keyboard will be execute. When this event will executed, then a tool determines the pixel color at the position of the mouse cursor.

Download EColor

This programm is FREE. Windows version abailable in 7z archive. You can extract it using 7zip.

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Windows version: EColor_0.1.7_setup.exe

Linux version in source code: EColor-0.1.7

Compile and run under linux:

Note. EColor checks for new versions on the site when a computer is connected to the Internet.

Current version – EColor v0.1.7

EColor report information about color code in the following formats:

  • HEX
  • RGB
  • CMYK
  • HSV
  • HSL

In Settings you can to set up Hot Keys for grab pixel color. Also you can configure EColor for autorun and enable auto coping information about pixel color into clipboard.

EColor has got functionality of loop for comfortable grab of pixel color and opportunity to grab pixel color using coordinate reference.

Window of EColor able to show in a right bottom angle of computer screen or in a cursor position. You can to move Window of programm on the desktop.

Support the development of EColor

If you like the utility, you can support its development in the following ways:

  1. Report on what functionality you are missing in the utility;
  2. Report a bug or imperfection;
  3. Make repost this page in the social network;
  4. To support the project financially.

Note. Report a bug or the absence of the required functionality, you can directly in the comments to this page.


Also You can discuss the problems of utilities and make proposals to improve the functionality on the forum.

Video Review

Video Review is made to version 0.1.6. Version 0.1.7 have improved performance and fix some bugs. Additional functionality is not added.



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