About site

Good day, dear reader!

My name is Eugene Legotskoy. And I am author of Evileg blog, which began in June 2015.

By education I am an engineer of Fiber-optic communication lines and is currently a post-graduate of the protection device in the direction of monitoring systems and ground communication equipment and telecommunications.

This blog is a collection of my professional career and my interests. I’m interested in everything that is related to information technologies, the setting of business and programming microcontrollers network infrastructure to establish international links with foreign companies working in the IT field.

In addition, the site provides information on my personal experience in the field of programming in Qt / C ++, QML, Java, Assembler for AVR, Desktop, Android NDK, Android SDK.

Information on the site

On these pages you’ll find the following information:

  • Setting up network equipment;
  • Programming microcontrollers;
  • General information about the technology and data systems;
  • Programming:
  • Qt / C ++;
  • Qt / QML;
  • Java;
  • AVR;
  • Android SDK;
  • Android NDK;
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Onvif
  • SOAP

Some of the information – a course of lectures, which I was able to conduct in the course of their teaching practice, while the other part – it is a personal experience, as well as the author’s position on technical processes, knowledge and events that occupy a considerable share in my life.